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10 Amazing Benefits Of Bamboo Diapers That Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, there's so much to worry about. The harmful chemicals that are laced in diapers to the environmental crisis that we are leading our kids to. Moreover, as most of us belong to middle-class families, the struggle to save every penny for a better future for our kids is a real struggle. With various motives entangled, here listed below are the top 10 amazing benefits of bamboo diapers that will have you gravitate towards them.

Bid adieu to a multitude of harmful toxic chemicals :

Toddlers are the most sensitive of us all and what's worse is that the generic diapers are known to expose them to a combination of toxic chemicals that can have long-lasting ill effects. Some of the harmful chemicals present in the generic diapers which on the contrary are absent in bamboo diapers are listed below.

1. The two main toxins present in conventional diapers are Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate. Dioxin is notorious in its exposure as there's no safe level limit for it. That comes to the very conclusion that even the minutest of their exposure is dangerous for your baby. They may also lead to immunity suppression, liver damage, and genetic depressions.
2. Sodium polyacrylate may give rise to symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath if inhaled, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested, redness, and itching if contact is made with eyes or skin.

Reduce the destructive carbon footprints:

Diapers have crystals that have high absorbency. The more the absorption, the more loved the diaper is. But coming to terms with it, is some hours of solid dryness worth all the harmful chemicals that our babies are exposed to? Added to these issues is the excessive strain on the environment that revolves around the disposal of these diapers.

You don't have to be tormented by your baby's diaper rash.

Diaper rashes are very common and at times painful. These rashes can be caused due to many factors ranging from sensitive skin to a reaction to the chemicals present in  diapers. The comfortable alternative is definitely the bamboo diapers.

Reduce landfill waste and save raw materials.

With statistics that state that disposable diapers require 60 times more amount of solid waste and 20 times more raw materials than bamboo reusable diapers, the right decision for a greener future is our call to make. When an individual's single choice can contribute so much to the environment, think of what miracles the mass shift to bamboo diapers can do. As bamboo diapers are decomposable they cause less harm to environment.

We always talk about doing what's right but to pull this trick off graciously is a beautiful tale to boast to one's kids. Setting an example of what's right environmentally no matter the hardships that one faces as parents, strikes your kids hard in all the right ways as possible. From the above points  we have know that bamboo diapers are one of the best investment you can make on your loved one’s. its not only environment friendly but also protects your baby from harmful chemicals.