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10 Amazing Benefits Of Bamboo Diapers That Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, there's so much to worry about. The harmful chemicals that are laced in diapers to the environmental crisis that we are leading our kids to. Moreover, as most of us belong to middle-class families, the struggle to save every penny for a better future for our kids is a real struggle. With various motives entangled, here listed below are the top 10 amazing benefits of bamboo diapers that will have you gravitate towards them.

Bid adieu to a multitude of harmful toxic chemicals :

Toddlers are the most sensitive of us all and what's worse is that the generic diapers are known to expose them to a combination of toxic chemicals that can have long-lasting ill effects. Some of the harmful chemicals present in the generic diapers which on the contrary are absent in bamboo diapers are listed below.

1. The two main toxins present in conventional diapers are Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate. Dioxin is notorious in its exposure as there's no safe level limit for it. That comes to the very conclusion that even the minutest of their exposure is dangerous for your baby. They may also lead to immunity suppression, liver damage, and genetic depressions.
2. Sodium polyacrylate may give rise to symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath if inhaled, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if ingested, redness, and itching if contact is made with eyes or skin.

Reduce the destructive carbon footprints:

Diapers have crystals that have high absorbency. The more the absorption, the more loved the diaper is. But coming to terms with it, is some hours of solid dryness worth all the harmful chemicals that our babies are exposed to? Added to these issues is the excessive strain on the environment that revolves around the disposal of these diapers.

You don't have to be tormented by your baby's diaper rash.

Diaper rashes are very common and at times painful. These rashes can be caused due to many factors ranging from sensitive skin to a reaction to the chemicals present in  diapers. The comfortable alternative is definitely the bamboo diapers.

Reduce landfill waste and save raw materials.

With statistics that state that disposable diapers require 60 times more amount of solid waste and 20 times more raw materials than bamboo reusable diapers, the right decision for a greener future is our call to make. When an individual's single choice can contribute so much to the environment, think of what miracles the mass shift to bamboo diapers can do. As bamboo diapers are decomposable they cause less harm to environment.


Netgear Router Login – Configure And Sign In With IP

Needless to say, wifi routers are the best in the world to avail internet connections. But who is the best in this business? Of course, it is the Netgear router. It is smart to deal with easy to handle possess the strongest internet connections, has great speed, and works wonders. So after you buy a Netgear router and log into it, you will get a defaulted username and password. This username and password have already been set from first for the router. Both the username and password are defaulted ones.

If you want you can use the defaulted password and username then setup 192.168 1 254 ip address for your router. But you must have heard of the risks of using default username and password, right? Since both the username and password are defaulted, like you, many other Netgear router users know about it. So, it will not take them much time to hack your internet connection. When you can estimate the risks, why step into it purposely!

So, a steady solution to this problem is to alter the defaulted username and password of the router. With this your network preferences can be customized, the security of the network strengthened, and some special features like parental control and many more can be enabled. Again, keep in mind that the defaulted login credentials are similar for all routers of the Netgear-brand.

Here are some steps that will lead you to log into Netgear router.

The whole process of Netgear Router login can be divided into two major steps. One is the logging in process of Netgear router, and another is dealing with the troubleshooting problems of Netgear login. Let’s take the two major steps into consideration and deal with them one by one. Both the steps have been further divided into further minor steps. Although they are minor, yet they make an important part of the whole process. So, missing out the steps will not lead you to the ultimate goal. Hence, check out the whole process in details.

Step 1

1. In order to find out the sticker having the defaulted login information, you need to first examine your Netgear Router. Generally, most of the routers of Netgear possess a label that forecasts the defaulted address, default password and username.
2. Open an internet browser on your PC and login to HERE. If you do not get it, try out the following other options:https://1921681254.vip/. Besides a wireless router, the browser can also be attached to an Ethernet cable.
3. Fill up the field of username with ‘admin’ and the field of the password with ‘password’. Actually, these are the default credentials for all routers of Netgear.
4. Next, click on ‘OK’. Therefore, you will be logged in to your router. Modify the settings as you desire.


Guide To Deactivate Or Delete Facebook Account

There might be plenty of reasons why you want to delete your Facebook account.

You may get tired of the social world.

You may not enjoy the constant notifications and update from your friends.

Actually, previously things which you may have found cool may not appear that cool later.


Deleting Facebook account is not at all a rock breaking task.

Before that …

… You must have been aware of two very important terms related to Facebook. They are:

1. Deactivate

2. Delete


A major section of you may feel that both are the same.

Okay, I won’t say there’s a vast difference. But definitely a subtle difference lies.

You can call both the two sides of the same coin.


Your very first information should be to know and understand the difference between deleting Facebook account and deactivating the account.

When you are thinking of deleting your Facebook account, know that you are not a loner. Due to various health issues as well as the effects that Facebook has brought to our lives, it is understandable and rational to shoo Facebook away.


You have two different roads by which you can travel to Facebook offline. 

1. By deactivating your Facebook account
2. But deleting your Facebook account completely

The first case that is deactivating the account symbolizes the following: 

1. You are free to reactivate your account as and when required.
2. Your friends or people on Facebook cannot see your timeline or search for you in Facebook.
3. There are some informations which still remain visible to others. (messages)
4. Facebook saves and stores the informations of your account so that you can find them intact when you reactivate.

Coming to the second case that is, deleting the account. This is something a bit more serious than the previous one.

Deleting the account means the following:

1. After a request has been made, Facebook delays the process of deleting. If you login during the extended period, your deletion will be cancelled.

2. Once the account is deleted, it is a permanent solution to shun from Facebook. You cannot regain access to it further.

3. After your account has been deleted, know that the data of past 90 days have been backed up by Facebook. However, you need not panic about your information getting viral. Even you cannot see it after you have deleted the account.

4. There are certain things that are not stored into your account. Like, the messages that you have sent to your friends. These will remain active.

Some materials will be copied in the Facebook database. As per the terms and conditions of the company, these materials are ‘disassociated from personal identifiers’.


Facebook beats all expectations estimated to reach $2 billion in earnings

The Wall Street Journal appreciates that Facebook’s earnings will exceed $2 billion before taxes, depreciation, interest and amortization in 2011, growing faster than prior anticipated. The people who have contact with the companys recent finances think its profit is growing at a fast-enough rate to justify an $100 billion valuation when it goes public. This would make Facebook one of the biggest technology companies, surpassing Cisco Systems Inc. and Amazon.com Inc., among others. Facebook has had a continuous, natural growth through its over 600 million users who use the site regularly to share photos, in between whom tastes-stoking advertisers try to do business. The site is also generating income through its own payments system, which people use to buy things on the site. EMarketer estimates Facebook will reach an ad revenue of $4.05 billion this year, up from $1.86 billion last year. According to comScore Inc., in this first quarter Facebook ads were 31% off all online displayed ads in the United States. Facebook ads gained momentum with small, local businesses and social gaming companies that wanted a more direct contact with Web users, but recently the larger brands have also started to take an interest in advertising through Facebook and as a result advertising prices have grown considerably.


This year, Facebook ads cost 40% more per click than the last 3 months of 2010, according to Efficient Frontier, a firm that specialises in online ad performance. Very recently Facebook began selling local deals in 5 cities, putting it thus competing directly with Groupon Inc. and others in a very fast-growing Web marketing sectors, after another move by which Facebook started demanding that all virtual goods on the site should be sold using the Credits payments system, from which they take a 30% commission. Credits can be used to pay for such things as movie rentals and online games.

3D Printing
In 1990s

Jane Kyttanen the owner of a small company in the Dutch capital, turned off by traditional product, manufacturing, storage and distribution methods had a big idea. The great vision was to create a new technology to be used to make medical and auto parts, this great idea concerned 3D printing, the way to make production faster. Even thought people didnt believe in Kyttanens idea and they thought its some kind of joke, he didnt give up and collaborated on it with his older brother who worked in 3D animation.

When he started he got sponsorship from a Belgian company called Materialise and started a department there called .MGX where he focused on a brand of lamps, but he didnt see that going in the same direction with his vision. Some years later, they parted ways and he gathered all the money he had and founded Freedom of Creation, so called FOC. The company expanded slowly a catalog of high- concept designs that were all 3D printed and all customizable,but after 11 years he sold FOC to 3D Systems, the company that started the hole industry in the 80s.The main idea was that by marrying the design side with the production and materials side, and cutting out the middlemen, it would create the only way to make a business profitable like the one he always thought about.

Nowadays FOCs catalog is online and you can place an order there where FOC finds the right 3D printer, makes the item and ships it.When a customer uses FOCs products he can choose it from the catalog with personalization that can be easily added to any item. The costs of FOCs products are higher than the products made with traditional methods, but every one of them is unique and its done quickly. Altough there are other competitors on the market of 3D printed products like Shapeways, or .MGX, Kyttanens FOC has been the leader in its competition.

RIM profit dropped and revenue missed its own limp forecast

The German trading suffered a 13 percent loss in Research In Motion Ltd. because of the pressure from Apple and because of the delay of its latest models in U.S. stores, said the Blackberry smartphone producer who also announced that the product delays would force a series of layoffs. RIM said in a statement that revenue will be $4.9 to $4.8 in the second fiscal quarter, less than the average analyse estimate for sales of $5.47 billion.


This quarter, the profits are estimated at 75 cents to $1.05 a share, but analysts had predicted $1.40. Due to the pressure from Apple and Google smartphone, RIM announced that its latest models will be delayed in U.S. stores until the very late part of August. Although the competition is big, RIMs business is profitable and remains solid overall and with a growing market share in a lot of places around the world and a strong balance sheet with almost $3 billion in cash. In the late August or early September the products based on BlackBerry OS 7 will be launch, followed later by the launch of the QNX-based superphones.


The executives believe that the it will be build on the PlayBook platform, but only after it releases a series of devices with an upgraded version of the current operating system. Even though the analysts polled by Reuters expected the company to sell 500,000 units in six weeks after its April launch, it exceeded the average analyse forecast of 366,000. Even so, this number is just a small fraction of Apples iPad sales. Because of the competition, the analyst had thought it was only a matter of time before RIM abandoned a $7.50 a share earnings outlook for the year to late March 2012.


The company did just that, recalibrating expectations to between $5.25 and $6 a share. However, RIM also said that it will start to reduce costs, the company plans to cut jobs and focus on accelerating the product pipeline. The number of jobs to be laid off has not been determined yet. This measure will reallocate all the resources to allow the company to focus on the higher interest areas with the highest growth opportunities and align with RIM strategic objectives, such as accelerating new product introductions. The measure the company is intending to take is called streamlining, not restructuring, said the executives. Dolby Laboratories announced that it had sud the company in U.S. and Germany because the Hight Efficency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-ACC) is an international audio standard used within and all the smartphone makers have lichened the technology. The courts forced to halt sales of the PlayBook and the other Blackberry devices.


The companys shares fell more than 15% further to $28.84 in trade after the closing bell in U.S. Because the company had other financial problems, it declined to pay for the use of Dolbys technology, even the executive vice president of Dolby said that its their duty to fight for their intellectual property. In 2012 it is expected for RIM to have earnings between $5.25-$6.00 diluted, excluding one-time charges or share repurchases.

Defense Firms to Face Down Growing Cyber Threats


A pilot program with leading private defense contractors and ISPs, called DIB Cyber Pilot was established by the US Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an attempt to strengthen each others knowledge base in matters of


stronger cybersecurity protection for defense contractors.The Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn believes that the information used in the classified computer systems is very vulnerable, because the cyber threat continues to grow, posing new dangers to their security.


Regarding all this facts, Lynn declared that last month they started working at the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Pilot. This is a voluntary program which involves sharing the DODs classified threat intelligence with defense contractors and their private Internet .


service providers (ISPs)The federal government had tried in many ways to share intelligence information around cyber threats between the public and private sectors to improve the security, this is why this pilot program launched by them will protect their networks.


Lynn declared about the distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) in the last years that affected the Internet Service in Estonia and Georgia and the networks of big companies like eBay and PayPal. It is believed that this attacks were


held by some organized hacking groups pursuing political goals or just for their own amusement.Lynn hopes that the DIB Cyber Pilot can be the beginning of something big concerning the security by establishing a lawful and effective framework for the government.